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Handheld Game Manuals

Scanning in by anonymous hobbyists, this collection of manuals are for electronic handheld games, which game into prominence in the late 1970s and flourished well into the 1990s. Currently, most manuals in this collection come courtesy of Handheld Museum.


texts 215

The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

game 172
button 58
score 47
ball 46
player 45
warranty 44
press 42
skill level 35
battery 34
display 34
mattel electronics 27
skill 27
electronic 25
defense 22
adapter 21
electronics repair 20
entex 20
mattel 20
switch 20
cartridge 19
coleco 19
electronics 19
batteries 17
warranty period 17
power switch 15
field 14
key 14
points 14
turn game 14
west artesia 14
fire button 13
milton bradley 13
defensive 12
game cartridge 12
offense 12
pass 12
adaptor 11
ball carrier 11
bradley company 10
electronic game 10
enemy 10
mode 10
repair 10
bradley 9
computer 9
control stick 9
directional 9
field goal 9
joy stick 9
limited warranty 9
missile 9
monster 9
receiver 9
ship 9
team 9
time remaining 9
alien 8
bandai 8
bandai electronics 8
batter 8
console 8
field position 8
invader 8
level 8
milton 8
pressing 8
select button 8
alarm 7
beam 7
buttons 7
digits 7
entex industries 7
invaders 7
maze 7
monsters 7
parker brothers 7
playing field 7
step 7
volt alkaline 7
attack 6
best score 6
control 6
electronics arcade 6
joystick 6
laser 6
move 6
offensive 6
opponent 6
pearl court 6
race 6
scoreboard 6
select 6
ships 6
shoot button 6
speed 6
start button 6
tiger electronic 6
aliens 5
beam force 5
bonus 5
cannon 5
cell alkaline 5
control buttons 5
digital 5
display key 5
displayed 5
electronic toys 5
fighters 5
force 5
force cannon 5
kick 5
left control 5
parker 5
play 5
pro 5
puck 5
screen 5
shoot 5
single player 5
speed control 5
status display 5
visitor team 5
workmanship 5
yards 5
acl 4
alkaline 4
alkaline battery 4
carrier 4
control button 4
defender 4
destroyer 4
fighter 4
fire 4
firing 4
goalie 4
high score 4
hit 4
indicator 4
knuckle 4
knuckle ball 4
level select 4
lights 4
offensive player 4
pins 4
pitch 4
power 4
press display 4
press select 4
push 4
runner 4
selector 4
service center 4
set button 4
skill levels 4
skill switch 4
sound effects 4
space 4
steal 4
tiger 4
ufo 4
alkaline batteries 3
altitude 3
base 3
bat 3
battery compartment 3
blockers 3
capture 3
cards 3
code 3
curve 3
dealer 3
defenders 3
defensive player 3
defensive players 3
demonstration game 3
desired 3
destroy 3
directional buttons 3
docking 3
eats 3
electronic sound 3
electronics service 3
energy 3
flied 3
flippers 3
frame 3
fuel 3
game display 3
game ends 3
game status 3
ghost 3
goal 3
goalkeeper 3
ground defenders 3
highest score 3
hunter 3
illustration 3
inning 3
jump 3
led 3
english 215
Date Published
Topics: race, horse, analyzer, ratings, racing, handicapping, fst, races, daily, speed, latest wmkouts,...
Topics: merlin, press, buttons, mystery, magic, opponent, lights, parker, digits, tune, blinking light,...
Topics: les, des, vous, votre, pour, mode, une, dans, sur, est, deux dates, dans les, daily preview,...
Topics: caveman, egg, dinosaur, volcanic, stone, ama, score, game, cave, cavemen, stone axe, egg counter,...
Topics: pocket, simon, signals, sequence, battery, game, skill, repeat, player, switch, turn pocket, size...
Topics: game, press, word, numbers, player, letter, score, letters, flash, opponent, entered word, mattel...
Topics: button, game, pressing, press, hunter, time, display, diamond, jump, alarm, diamond hunter, press...
Topics: comp, entry, digits, entries, game, output, correct, player, output entries, entries output, milton...
Topics: merlin, master, press, blinking, score, buttons, player, skill, master merlin, select, parker...
Topics: pac, monsters, man, segment, bait, adapter, monster, points, game, screen, pac man, power switch
Topics: energy, enemy, phase, game, level, lose, spaceship, fighters, score, joy, energy base, enemy...
Topics: dice, cube, backgammon, men, opponent, doubling, computer, game, move, roll, dice roll, cube...
Topics: mattel, warranty, seconds, electronics, repair, game, laps, race, gear, auto, mattel electronics,...
Topics: puckman, monster, adaptor, score, maze, eats, switch, monsters, warp, energy, puckman eats, select...
Topics: game, tiger, warranty, electronic, ball, acl, ttie, maze, illinois, walls, tiger electronic,...
Topics: game, coleco, players, step, warranty, cartridge, battery, color, quiz book, quiz, battery...
Topics: coleco, ball, pass, display, selector, battery, carrier, yards, game, field, press display, pass...
Topics: field, game, blockers, kick, ball, formation, button, defense, display, pass, limited warranty,...
Topics: entex, game, adapter, button, helicopter, fuel, cobra, skill, super, missile, speed control, game...
Topics: button, game, pressing, display, time, alarm, diver, octopus, setting, press, setting display
Topics: game, lights, button, skill, mode, set, computer, player, buttons, press, lakeside games, game...
Topics: game, key, machine, player, button, pressing, code, press, game machine, target, battery case,...
Topics: game, dribble, defense, basketball, display, team, score, button, ball, directional, game clock,...
Topics: adapter, shuttle, batteries, battery, terminals, space, insert, game, planes, remove
Topics: merlin, game, press, score, parker, warranty, magic, swords, previous best, grail, parker brothers,...
Topics: attacker, offensive, game, directional, puck, button, offense, defense, rink, goalkeeper, attacker...
Topics: game, coleco, skill, maze, player, perma, score, indicator, warranty, step, bally midway, alkaline...
Topics: thomas, game, wagon, adaptor, james, display, parts, button, engine, control, water tank, red...
Topics: cards, dealer, press, hand, meld, discard, matched, player, turn game, game, matched set, gin...
Topics: game, touch, button, skill, signal, player, signals, sequence, press, quence, start button, game...
Topics: cartridge, console, battery, electronic, press, milton, bradley, game, toy, warranty, functioning...
Topics: junior, coleco, game, alarm, cartridge, umbrella, key, lever, warranty, acl, junior falls, acl...
Topics: player, program, green, maze, square, marker, game, display, select button, start, wrong move,...
Topics: game, bandai, digital, switch, gunfighter, buttons, cactus, electronics, score, center, bandai...
Topics: defensive, offensive, offense, game, players, coleco, defense, control, goalie, selector, deep...
Topics: ball, score, game, space, team, soccer, led, display, indicated, spaceship, score display, score...
Topics: frog, game, coleco, battery, batteries, warranty, perma, skill, alkaline, snake, cell alkaline,...
Topics: hit, base, batter, runner, ball, key, bases, scoreboard, presses, pitch, strike zone, scoreboard...
Topics: points, total, bonus, zag, race, random, zig, game, games, cycle, zag zig, random random, bonus...
Topics: coleco, game, ball, curve, pins, pro, pin, display, digital, spot, volt alkaline, total score, pro...
Topics: cage, game, animals, capture, button, catch, points, score, bonus, safari, power switch, computer...
Topics: button, accel, jam, pressing, press, turn, cars, game, left turn, buttons, press select, minute...
Topics: game, goalkeeper, directional, button, display, offense, pitch, defense, soccer, shoot, half time,...
Topics: game, missile, invaders, invader, ufo, readout, score, digital, displayed, level, invaders appear,...
Topics: defense, ship, alien, coleco, aliens, skill, direction, game, move, fire, move button, fire button,...
Topics: obert, color, coily, pyramid, game, cube, jumps, destination, parker, slick, tabletop arcade,...
Topics: ufo, game, score, altitude, rating, warranty, missile, blaster, battery, computerized, game rating,...
Topics: press, alarm, pacman, mode, desired, normal, ghost, game, score, depress, normal time, ghost...
Topics: target, laser, missile, arcade, switch, fired, ama, ships, game, recharge, target ships, power...
Topics: ball, quarterback, receiver, nfl, quarter, game, field, scrimmage, skill, play, receiver button,...
Topics: super, dragon, adaptor, game, warp, switch, tomy, monster, devil, button, super dragons, sound...
Topics: bmx, rider, game, wheelie, score, key, switch, mains, universal, jump, highest score, grandstand...
Topics: offensive, ball, defense, defensive, goalkeeper, warranty, kick, game, mattel, whistle, triple...
Topics: game, player, matching, batteries, players, pairs, cursor, panels, side, select, green side, skill...
Topics: mcp, tron, illustration, score, cycle, sark, enemy, light, cycles, disc, total score, three levels,...
Topics: zap, missile, player, game, opponent, button, battery, goal, light, indicator, zap button, score...
Topics: game, docking, score, craft, button, playfield, play, press, center, points, musical tone, mode...
Topics: press, alarm, game, battery, button, mode, alm, denotes, pirate, brave, denotes pressing, normal...
Topics: baseball, game, batter, inning, outfield, warranty, pressing, electronic, signalled, ball,...
Topics: laser, space, robot, game, zap, controls, opponent, beam, button, beams, space robots, fight game,...
Topics: astronaut, game, alien, base, meteorites, shack, joystick, aliens, capture, adapter, astronaut...
Topics: game, skill, enemy, button, level, docking, ships, earth, fighters, ship, game display, enemy...
Topics: missile, invader, launcher, ufo, lid, switch, invaders, adaptor, lever, batteries, missile launcher
Topics: warranty, torpedoes, tiger, countdown, torpedo, score, ships, button, reset, wars, tiger...
Topics: game, monsters, score, capsules, skill, eats, step, coleco, energized, indicator, score indicator,...
Topics: mario, coleco, game, step, batteries, warranty, points, donkey, perma, battery, cell alkaline,...
Topics: puck, offense, game, defense, defenseman, directional, warranty, mattel, goalie, opponent, mattel...
Topics: jam, illustration, cars, game, race, batteries, button, accel, jam cars, score, thundering turbo,...
Topics: enemy, illustration, fuel, score, level, barriers, destroy, points, oil, rocket, fuel tanks, avoid...
Topics: game, press, arrow, score, maneuver, parker, adaptor, maze, select, figure, select game, space...
Topics: code, coleco, secret, digits, display, game, status, battery, correct, warranty, keyboard numbers,...
Topics: warranty, reset, lane, battery, switch, slide, throttle, electronic, washington, interstate, reset...
Topics: game, field, blockers, team, display, score, defense, ball, pass, kick, football game, display...
Topics: cylon, battlestar, raiders, attacking, game, electronics, laser, mattel, repair, warranty, guidance...
Topics: mattel, warranty, tank, electronics, repair, button, returned, game, battery, enemy, mattel...